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Cemetery Layout

Cemetery Plot and Grave layout.

  NW   NE
  SW   SE
Military - Cemetery Plot and Grave layout.
  NW   NE
  SW   SE

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New  Cemetery Plot Maps  (Search all plot and grave locations)

These maps were set up from a hand-drawn map from the 1970's which gave a fairly good approximation of the Plot and Grave locations. We do not know how the 1970's map was put together, but we do know there was no actual scale used and some areas, graves and plots could be larger or smaller than they appear on the map. Some markers may also have been moved, but at least this gives you a starting point...
The numbering system was used before the turn of the century, and even though it's confusing, we decided to retain it because all existing records are tied to it.
For the least stressful use of the maps, keep in mind that the Plot numbers start in the NW corner and run South and North in a zig-zag pattern from West to East, which is why each quadrant map ends at the central walkway and the numbers continue on across the walkway. This means you may need to consult more than one map. There may have been two sources from long ago as the NW Grave numbers were set up differently than the balance of the Cemetery. Unfortunately we do not have records back far enough to tell us how this may have come about.
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